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Aotea Laser Clinic are the skin rejuvenation and pigmentation removal experts servicing the greater Wellington region.

Our private clinic uses the gold-standard in laser machine technology from the Italian-made Quanta laser company.

This versatile laser provides fractional and photo thermal skin rejuvenation to stimulate lasting natural skin cell production.

It's also a high-quality Q-switched multi-wavelength laser tattoo removal machine, removing all or part of your tattoo. Whether you're tired of an old tattoo or looking to make space for a new or modified design - we can help.

Skin rejuvenation treatments












Stimulate your body's ongoing natural collagen and hyaluronic acid production with non-invasive light energy.

See and feel the benefit of fractional quanta laser therapy combined with complementary photo thermal treatment.


Your skin will shed dead layers and collagen growth is stimulated to give you healthier, younger looking skin.

The procedure is painless and the benefits will last for years, not months like many other treatments.

Contact us now for more information or to arrange a free consultation with a qualified Laser Therapist.

We also treat other skin conditions including: acne scarring, pigmentation, nail fungus, large pores, scars, inflammatory acne, plus other melanin and skin resurfacing treatments.

Tattoo and pigmentation removal - 
Superior technology equals superior results

When a tattoo is applied, thousands of particles of ink are deposited into the inner layer of skin known as the dermis.


The body’s normal reaction to foreign particles such as ink,
is to absorb and eradicate them; however, the size of the particles in tattoo ink prevents this.

During laser treatment, ink particles are shattered into tiny fragments so that the body can remove them.

The laser doesn’t target the skin at all, it selectively targets the ink molecules you want to remove.

The laser consists of very short and fast pulses of energy, at wavelengths specifically matched to remover the targeted ink.

Once the ink particles have been broken down into smaller pieces, the body’s immune system will remove them and the tattoo will begin to fade.


Tattoo ink is layered into the skin so most tattoos require a series of treatments to completely remove. Each treatment will progressively target the deeper layers of ink that were previously hidden by the earlier layers.


Treatments are a minimum of 6 weeks apart, we usually recommend 8 week gaps in order to achieve optimum fading from each treatment.

Click for more information about our tattoo removal services.

Contact us now for more information or to arrange a free consultation with a qualified Laser Therapist.

Treatments available

Skin rejuvenation

Pigmentation treatments

Tattoo removal

Acne scarring

Nail fungus

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