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About us

Aotea Laser Clinic provides our clients with high-quality fractional laser and photo thermal skin rejuvenation therapy and Q-switched technology laser tattoo removal.

Our boutique clinic in Aotea, Porirua treats one client at a time in private and hygienic conditions.

We have an off-street car park, have ramp accessibility, and have a view over to Mana Island.

The clinic Director has a science degree from Otago University, majoring in anatomy, biology and physiology.


Our Laser Therapist Tereza is a fully qualified laser safety technician with tattoo removal certification, in addition to their other skin, health, beauty, and laser experience credentials.

Please contact us if you have any questions about our services or the clinic.

Treatments available

Skin rejuvenation

Pigmentation treatments

Tattoo removal

Acne scarring

Nail fungus

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