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Tattoo removal

Laser tattoo removal is a safe procedure using short bursts of laser energy to break down the tattoo ink.


Your body's normal healing process then removes the pigments through the lymphatic system.

Tattoos are designed to be permanent, so clearing them might take a few treatments.


This depends on a number of factors including: 

skin type, body location, tattoo colours,, type and  amount of ink, and scarring in the area.

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We offer competitive prices and the most advanced European laser technology, maintaining the highest standards of safety, cleanliness, and results.

Our machine from Italy, is a state of the art Quanta Q-switched laser emitting multiple wavelengths to treat almost any type of colour or pigment.


The Optibeam® technology is extremely important for any application where the Q-switched laser is concerned. It assures a perfect flat top beam profile to distribute the laser power evenly, reducing side effects and healing time.

We have the newest machine in Wellington. Be careful choosing a medical service based on price. Outdated technology can mean it takes many more treatments to remove tattoos.

Superior technology equals superior results

When a tattoo is applied, thousands of particles of ink are deposited into the dense inner layer of skin known as the dermis.


The body’s normal reaction to foreign particles such as ink, is to absorb and eradicate them however the size of the particles in tattoo ink prevents this.

During laser treatment, ink particles are shattered into tiny fragments so that the body can remove it.

The laser doesn’t target the skin at all, it selectively targets the ink molecules only.

It consists of very short and fast pulses of concentrated energy, at wavelengths that are specifically matched to be of greatest impact on the targeted ink colour.

Once the ink particles have been broken down into smaller pieces, the body’s immune system will remove them and the tattoo will begin to fade.


Tattoo ink is layered into the skin so most tattoos require a series of treatments to completely remove. Each treatment will progressively target the deeper layers of ink that were previously hidden by the earlier layers.


Treatments are a minimum of 6 weeks apart, we usually recommend 8 week gaps in order to achieve optimum fading from each treatment.

Treatments available

Skin rejuvenation

Pigmentation treatments

Tattoo removal

Acne scarring

Nail fungus

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