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Pricing guide

Skin rejuvenation treatments

It is best that we quote for your particular needs, so please contact us for a free consultation.

The prices are a guide and will depend on the size of the treatment area and your personal situation.

Available treatments
Non-invasive skin rejuvenation: from $75 for small areas.

    - treatment consists of fractional and photo thermal laser therapy.

    - full facial treatments start from $195 (1 hour session).

    - full facial Photo Thermal treatment only from $125 (40 minutes).


Acne scar and Inflammatory acne: from $65

Benign pigmented lesion removal: from $50

Scar and skin toning: from $50

Nail and skin fungal treatment: from $50


Other dermatological conditions: please enquire.

Tattoo removal

The prices below are a guide only and will depend on the size and age of the tattoo, colours used, depth and type of ink, location of the tattoo, whether it was professionally done or homemade, and your general level of health and lifestyle. All quotes and prices are 'per session'.

The sizing guide uses a standard 90mm x 55mm business card full of basic black ink as a basic unit of measurement. That amount of ink could be spread over a larger area and would still generally be quoted the same amount, depending on ink age and complexity.

If you would like to get an estimate of cost for removal and the number of sessions likely required, please email, including a picture of your tattoo and its measurements. Or better yet, come in for a free consultation.

Business card 3.png

From $50

Very small tattoos

Up to 45mm x 30mm

Very small basic designs can generally be relatively inexpensive to treat depending on the tattoo and the client's health.

Business card 2.png

From $65

Small tattoos

Up to 45mm x 55mm

Quotes are also based on the tattoo's detail and pigments used.

While these sizes are an indication of what you might expect to pay, we'll give you an accurate quote at your free consultation.

Aotea Laser Clinic business card

From $95

Medium tattoos

Up to 90mm x 55mm

Your tattoo might be more spread out so we might still price it as a medium tattoo if it's not concentrated in a business card size. Contact us for a free consultation where we can give you an accurate quote.

Aotea Laser Clinic business card
Aotea Laser Clinic business card

From $145

Large tattoos

Up to 180mm x 110mm

Larger tattoos sometimes need to have the sessions split depending on your needs. For tattoos larger than this, you will need to come in for a free consultation to get an accurate quote. Contact us now to arrange.

Skin treatments

Hair removal using IPL and laser treatment

We will be offering this service in future. Please feel free to register your interest.

The prices below indicative prices of popular treatments, please contact us for a quote for other services.


Underarms laser hair removal

Lip and chin laser hair removal

Full face laser hair removal

Ladies brazilian and underarms

Full arms laser hair removal

Chest and stomach 

Full legs hair removal

Single price








6 in advance (per session)








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